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Less of the same...

At CONTENT Architecture, our mission is not only to create architecture within our clients’ spatial and budgetary needs, but also to deliver a project that is accountable for, and responsive to, the world we live in. Since its founding in 2009, CONTENT has shown a commitment to client goals while proposing innovative and atypical solutions.

Our diverse professional backgrounds and educations allow us to approach projects from many angles in an effort to develop the best possible solutions. Our passion is engagement in a collaborative design process, internally and between us all disciplines and stakeholders. As a result of this process each project is started without preconception. There is no prototypical model from which we depart, the model is built through conversation and the design emerges with multiple parties at the table. Shared ownership of the design leads to engagement and a contagious enthusiasm continuing through the life of the building, which is our definition of success.