Published in Texas Architect

Contractor: Mainland Construction
Structural Engineer: Insight Structures
Landscape Architect: McDugald Steele
Photography: Peter Molick
Bayou Residence

The Bayou Residence is a renovation to a significant architectural work originally completed by Frank Welch in 1972. The house was purchased from the original owner by a young couple, looking to open up the floor plan and accede to their social lifestyle. The renovation left in place the original 8000 square foot foundation, some of the exterior frame and little else. Much of the interior was re-arranged to accommodate an open floor plan and propose new layers of order. Limestone walls were introduced to give clarity to the programmatic organization. The central transverse hall was extended through the interior, providing a cohesive circulation spine to the sprawling, single-story layout. Ceiling heights were modified to increase the feeling of spaciousness and visually connect to the bayou landscape adjacent.