Contractor: Kit Constructs
Photography: César Béjar Studio
Lemon Laine

For the second location of their Nashville-based beauty and wellness retail store, Lemon Laine desired a playful and elegant environment that would make their guests feel right at home. From the outset, the custom arched entry door differentiates the store from its retail context and introduces the domestic quality that is central to the brand. Inside the space, a rotated grid reorients the space and creates the distinctive sawtooth form of the Beauty Wall. Each segment of the Beauty Wall corresponds to a single step in a beauty ritual and creates moments of intimacy within a continuous sequence. The medicine cabinet display, custom designed wallpaper, and curved niche for featured products keeps each step in the wall unique and scaled for just one to two people. 

The store also features an oil bar where skin experts mix custom products for each client over a custom terrazzo countertop with an exaggerated aggregate. Tall curtains on either side of the oil bar obscure the back of house storage from the visitor and bring a softer feel to the space. The open kitchen, complete with fully stocked drawers, cabinets, shelves, and a refrigerator inspires curiousity. The consistent use of bright colors and the shifted grid help these distinct zones to relate to one another in the open-plan. Together, the zones wrap the perimeter of the space and lead the visitor through the services and products available.