Lynn Residence

The design for the Lynn Residence responds to existing conditions on site. Seven existing mature oak trees offer shade to the ground level below. Rather than clearing the trees to provide space for a new home, the volumes of the house strategically weave their way between the trees, taking advantage of the shade they provide.

The house sits thirty inches above the ground plane to protect the roots of the trees. This elevated floor level also offers protection against future flooding. A field of piers beneath the house provide support, while a series of outdoor decks mitigate the transition from the surrounding landscape into the house. These decks receive shade from the roof plane in some cases and from the surrounding trees in others, emphasizing the need for comfortable outdoor spaces.

Throughout the home, roof planes fold upward to create openings for natural light to enter from above. These light monitors work in coordination with large windows to provide a balanced light that enters from multiple directions. Throughout the day the light passes through the branches of the trees above before entering the house, providing dappled light on the surfaces of the interiors.