2019 AIA Houston Design Award
2018 Paper City Design Award

Contractor: Dunhill Construction
Photography: Ben Hill & Leonid Furmansky

Paloma Heights

Shortly following the opening of Houston’s first non-toxic nail salon, Paloma launches its second store in a new urban market within the historic Heights neighborhood. While maintaining similar formal and material palette to reinforce a recognizable branding, this store departs from its sophisticated counterpart for a more playful iteration.

A wooden screen at the reception echoes the iconic dowel veil of the flagship store marking the transition from the busy urban life to the retreat. A curving wall featuring ombre wallpaper and wooden slats wrap to gather the more private spaces. This core sits centrally to softly divide the service zones, stirring curiosity with light illuminating from an uncapped top. A gentle ramp guides one onto the raised platform that offset ergonomically between technician and customer. As one ascends and descends, one’s attention is constantly drawn back to the flickering view of the ombre obscured and revealed by the wooden slats, a moment of meditation as Paloma offers the “Escape to Beautiful.