Winbern Studios

Located in Houston’s 3rd Ward, the Winbern Studios aim to increase neighborhood density, while providing a unique living experience. The project was initiated by a long-term resident of the neighborhood looking to re-invest in her community. The building provides shaded outdoor spaces and covered parking at the ground floor while offering a variety of apartment types on each floor.

A concrete podium defines the spaces at the ground level. Expansive windows between the solid masses allow a high level of transparency and openness to the street. The tree canopies as well as the floors above shade the sidewalks and outdoor space below, creating a comfortable outdoor experience that connects to the activity of the surrounding neighborhood.

At the floors above, a triangular module carves spaces into the façade of the building. Shallow cuts provide opportunities to bring in light from multiple directions, and deeper carvings create spaces for balconies of various depths. The angles of these cuts alternate at each floor, creating a dynamic pattern of light and shadow as the sunlight animates the façades.